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Rainbow Valley Resource Network

Rainbow Valley Resource Network

Only with your help...

You are the most important part of making our organization’s mission a reality!

RVRN is proud to stand with families and friends, and all Christian Scientists, in pushing back against the limiting, stereotypical labels of “developmental disabilities.” Join us in seeing everyone as developmentally abled.

For more information on the support RVRN provides, visit Our Services page.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network

Your help is needed

RVRN volunteers accompany those we serve during RVRN activities and events and offer support by staying in touch via phone calls and visits. To discuss how you can get involved, or if you know of someone who could use our services, please complete the following Contact Form.

    Rainbow Valley Resource Network

    Host events

    Please consider hosting an informal gathering in your home or perhaps arranging a meeting with fellow church members to help RVRN broaden awareness about the needs of those we serve. There is no effort to solicit donations at these meetings.

    These events enable us to hear new ideas about how RVRN can expand our services and provide greater support for families with special needs individuals.

    Visit the Our About page.

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    Family Camp Programs
    100 Elk – A/U Ranches

    Rainbow Valley Resource Network
    Rainbow Valley Resource Network