Rainbow Valley Resource Network

A free inspirational talk

Periodically, we offer online video presentations open to the public. They are developed specifically for RVRN. Past presenters have included Michael Mooslin, CS and Dr. Barry Huff.

Stay tuned for announcements on when the next event will be scheduled.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network

These talks are appropriate to share with others, including:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Fellow churchgoers
  • Sunday school staff and students

There is no cost to participate. The presentations last about 30 minutes and are inspirational and informative. The videos will be posted on the RVRN YouTube Channel for viewing.

All we ask is that attendees register. After you register, you will have access to the pre-recorded talk which can be watched at your convenience as many times as you like during the viewing dates.

Thank you for your interest!

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>> Watch the presentation by Michael Mooslin, CS, Seeing the Fellow Saint of a Holy Household

Questions? Contact RVRN’s Program Director by email or call the number below.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network
Rainbow Valley Resource Network