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You’re not alone!

As parents know, it takes a team to support a loved one with developmental special needs—and the team is often the family members. At RVRN, where many of our board members are themselves the parents of children with special needs, we know the path can feel lonely. RVRN seeks to end the isolation by bringing parents and caregivers together to share practical insights, resources, inspiration, and healing.

Monthly Zoom calls, and periodic face-to-face meetings during programs, bring parents and caregivers together to create a supportive sense of community. These gatherings offer opportunities to discuss life experiences, challenges of caring for our dear loved ones, and celebration of their step-by-step progress.

Online Parent Gathering

Parent Gatherings Schedule:
First Thursday of each month at 7:00pm, Central. The sessions are minimally structured and facilitated in a way to allow for spontaneous, inclusive conversation.

If you are directly engaged with caring for a loved one with special needs, and would like to participate in these gatherings, please email us for details.

Questions? Or for more information, call RVRN’s Program Director at the 480.875.6958.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network
Rainbow Valley Resource Network