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Rainbow Valley Resource Network

Rainbow Valley Resource Network

Individual Connection and Learning

RVRN is launching a *NEW* Program – Peer Connect!

Over the years, RVRN has offered opportunities for loved ones in our circle to engage with other Christian Scientists through enrichment programs including those at Christian Science (CS) camps (both in-person and online). These programs are engaging, fun, and uplifting,—yet they are designed for larger groups.

The purpose of this program is to connect RVRN loved ones with peers from the wider CS community, one-on-one or in small groups, to engage in fun, social gatherings, while providing opportunities for all parties to learn and grow.

Eligible Participants:
Loved ones who are seeking individualized connection and a learning opportunity

Duration of each gathering:
15 min – 60 min

Frequency will be determined by the peers, along with the families we are serving. The idea is to have multiple hangouts per session, i.e. signing up for a winter session and hanging out at least once per month.

Phone and/or video conference


  • RVRN will work with CS organizations and individuals to ensure activities for this program are tailored for each loved one
  • Emphasis will be on fun and connection, while having a social-skill focus; for example, engaging in an activity with a new person, getting to know a new person, taking turns, listening, expressing a like or dislike in a graceful manner

If you are interested in this opportunity for your loved one, please complete the registration form below.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Peer, please see information below and complete the application at the bottom of this page. 

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Loved One Participants:

Peer Applicants:

Thank you for your interest!

Questions? Please contact the RVRN Program Director by email or call the number below.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network
Rainbow Valley Resource Network