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Rainbow Valley Resource Network

Rainbow Valley Resource Network

Meaningful participation in the workplace

This pilot work experience program is in partnership with the A/U Ranches, and we hope to expand it to other Christian Science organizations in the future.

Trainees in this program will serve as the “dish and lodge crew” for summer Session 1. The group functions as a family unit—working and spending off-hours time together—under the direction of the Program Director and supervision of job coaches. Included are wrap-around services for the trainees that incorporate both job- and life-skills training.

2022 Program Dates:
June 21 – July 7 (includes training/orientation)

Eligible Participants
Christian Science loved ones who are 18 year of age or older who are interested in developing job- and life-skills in a Christian Science workplace environment and who can safely demonstrate the skills necessary for the particular job. 

Adventure Unlimited’s Purpose:
To provide recreational adventure, leadership, service, education and community activities that foster spiritual growth and healing in an environment where Christian Science is lived.

It was a fabulous opportunity for [our son]! He works and operates better with a family unit—he’s a people person. He can be independent and find things to do, but he likes to have a posse. It keeps him content. Having RVRN there—keeping him rightly directed—is invaluable. ~Parent

Important Dates:

  • June 21: Arrivals
  • June 21 and 22: Training and orientation days
  • June 23: Session 1 begins
  • July 7: Departures

Thank you for your interest in this program. Registration is now closed. As always, we welcome your inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Program Director by email or call 602-757-6203.

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Questions? Please contact the RVRN Program Director by email or call 602-757-6203.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network
Rainbow Valley Resource Network