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Hope Library

Christian Science families caring for loved ones with special needs often desire to connect with professionals and services that approach their needs differently than mainstream providers. It can be difficult to know where to begin searching for such support.

As part of our Resource Network, we list information that families are open to sharing, as a result of their own experiences – trusting they will find “hope” and provide it to others in need. Let us know if you have documents, references and links to websites that might benefit others, and we’ll gladly add them to this growing section below. Contact us at: admin@rvrnetwork.org.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network


Given by RVRN’s Executive Director


Healings of autism and other seeming mental and physical disabilities

Helping a child with special needs to progress

Prayerful answers to seeming developmental disabilities

Man created in God’s likeness

Sunday Schools responding to the need to support children with mental/development disabilities

Father Mother God is our true parent


Residential housing options for Christian Scientists with special needs:

Organization of Residential Homes (ORH)
Wellspring Gardens
L’Arche USA (includes residents of all faiths)

Sunday School Resources/Strategies:
Sunday School Resources/Strategies – Ideas and References

Financial Planning Information:
Some resources suggested by a certified financial planner



Housing, social security, income, parenting and more:
Ability Village

Helpful ideas shared by families with developmental special needs loved ones:
Adaptive tools for cooking and personal care

State of California:
Resources for adults with developmental disabilities and their families


Disclaimer: RVRN does not endorse any of the materials, information or organizations referenced in the Resources section. These resources are provided for general awareness only.

Rainbow Valley Resource Network