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Choosing the path ‘most needed’

A Conversation with Rick Lipsey From his apartment building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Rick Lipsey can see beyond traffic to the wooded canopy of Central Park—a haven […]

Love leads the way

A Conversation with Dee Huntington “He…shall gently lead those that are with young.” (Isa. 40:11) Talking with RVRN parent Dee Huntington and learning about her experience raising three children with […]

Letting God be the perfect Parent

Seeing what is really going on Conversation with Kit Kurtz and her daughter, Roya Sabri On a late-summer morning, as birds sang in the lush, surrounding trees in Kona, Hawaii, […]

Seeing Perfection Instead of Disability

“Fred’s ability really took off” For Judith Cordray, witnessing ability begins in the eyes of the beholder. “The more I clearly understand it’s what I’m seeing, not what’s there [before […]

Healing answers are there

“Alissya is my angel” Alissya is an adult who is sweet, patient, and has a beautiful smile. She doesn’t speak, yet she communicates in subtle ways with a nod of […]

Overcoming negative prognoses

Hayden finds his true voice By Shannon Freedman My family has worked with a Christian Science practitioner for help with healing through prayer since prior to the birth of our […]

Healing is happening

“It’s comforting to know there are others like us” Michael and his wife, Fran, were raised in the Jewish faith and chose the medical route for their healthcare needs. They […]

God’s children in action

Horse-riding injury healed quickly By Karen Barrett For over 10 years my daughter, Jennifer, took therapeutic horse-riding lessons on a weekly basis. These brought her much joy and freedom. Several […]

RVRN is a life saver!

Meet Sandy Hallet and her daughter, Emily “I had never heard of Rainbow Valley Resource Network [RVRN] before,” says Sandy, “until a friend of mine from church attended one of […]

Everlasting arms of Love

When we take a trip, our family identifies an inspirational theme. For our trip to Colorado to attend RVRN’s family enrichment event at 100 Elk, the quote from Hymn 53 […]

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